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Shapes the Game 3D Print and Play

Shapes the Game is now available as a 3D Print and Play! You'll need to have access to a 3D printer to make the pieces. Think 3D printing is only for kings and queens? Wrong! You can buy a 3D Printer for under $200. Pretty crazy, right? Technology is awesome.

3d printer

3D Models

All of the models are available to download for free in STL format. You can simply load these files into your printer software and hit print.

There is a model for the base, as well as a model for each piece. There is an easier to print hedgehog model where you print it twice and then glue together the two pieces at 90 degree angles. You could save money on filament by painting your plastic pieces. The piece colors are White, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

You can print the base platform in any color. Each of the 10 pieces (Cheese, Column, Cube, Cylinder, Hollow Cube, Plank, Pot, Pyramid, Sphere, and Zigzag) will need to be printed in each of the colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and White) for a total of 50 pieces needed to be printed. Most pieces if not all pieces of one color can be added to a single print job and printed at the same time. We usually print the Hollow Cube without supports and then clean up the bridging after the print is complete. For best results, we highly recommend printing the pieces as solid as you can to give the maximum amount of heft to your pieces. We set our prints to 6 shell layers and at 15% honeycomb infill.

Download the STL Model Files



For the cards, there is one card for each Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow piece, along with 10 wild cards, 2 Stop Turn cards, and 2 Clear the Board cards.

You can print your own cards from these files. There are 6 pages of card fronts, as well as a card back page so you can print the card backs on the reverse side of each card.

We've also made the cards available on The Game Crafter if you'd like quality cards. We've set the price low to help get the game into more people's hands.

Buy Shapes the Game Cards - $6.99
3d printer

Get the Rules

Shapes the Game currently has 4 different ways to play. Check out the rules PDF to view all of the different variants, and tell us which is your favorite.

Download the Rules PDF

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